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Movies seen this year

Posted by Steve on September 16, 2008

This post will be largely pointless for the time being. It’s mainly a list I’m trying to write of movies I’ve seen this year, because I’ve seen some truly great movies. So ignore it for now, unless you want to comment on some of the movies. As I remember stuff, I’ll edit the post and, if all goes well, write about each movie by the end of the year. Note: These are not all movies that came OUT this year. Merely movies I’ve SEEN this year for the first time. Yes, it’s true. Despite being a movie geek, I had never seen “Apocalypse Now” until about 3 weeks ago. One of those movies I’ve been meaning to see but had never gotten around to. (And it was worth the wait.) I’ve not seen “The Godfather” either.

There Will Be Blood

Cutie Honey

Machine Girl


The Dark Knight

Iron Man


Speed Racer


Tropic Thunder/Rain of Madness (The latter part, a “Hearts of Darkness” spoof, was FREE on iTunes last I saw.)

The X-Files


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