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The greatest thing I have seen today

Posted by Steve on August 26, 2008

Or possibly the last month.

Those WERE the Droids I was looking for...


4 Responses to “The greatest thing I have seen today”

  1. Natasha said

    Um… is that a Star Wars reference? Never seen S.W. Gasp!!

    I HAVE seen Oprah. I’m such a girl.

  2. Drood said

    That would be a Star Wars reference, yes.

    You’ve never seen Star Wars? *backs away nervously*

  3. Natasha said

    Started it. Couldn’t get into it.

  4. Steve said

    Actually I can understand that. I mean I got into when I was a kid. I think you have to be a kid to appreciate to it. I am by no means a Star Wars geek. I have the movies on DVD, but have never actually gotten around to watching them! Not actually watched all 3 of the original trilogy since about the mid 90’s. I keep meaning to introduce my kids to them but never get around to it.

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